Have you ever read the history of daylight Savings Time?  What a convoluted mess!!!

time confusionDates have changed, different Presidents have enacted changes throughout time.  Today, some states are still debating its value and which time zone or zones they should follow.

Here is an example of the crazy nature of the beast.  In the 1960s The Committee for Time Uniformity discovered that along a 35 mile stretch of highway between Moundsville, WV and Steubenville, OH there were 7 time zone changes.  You can’t invent this stuff.

States that border the time zone changes have their challenges.  The NW corner of Indiana borders Chicago.  What is the most appropriate time zone?

Once upon a time drive in theaters dotted the landscape.  Daylight savings was not beneficial to their industry.  Ah, farmers could stay in the fields later.  Is that good?  Technology has changed and combines run throughout the night with no care for the clock.

Are we saving energy?  Really, delay sun rise only to delay sunset.  By my clock, there are only 24 hours in the day.  So, what exactly is the rationale?

I know this, I enjoy sitting on the back deck enjoying a late night adult beverage at 10 PM and not thinking it’s midnight.  I don’t like getting up in the dark and going to bed in the dark in the middle of winter.

If you want my opinion, I’ll take daylight savings!!


That’s the way I see it.