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We are about one week into the presidency of Donald Trump. The news outlets are abuzz with questions, speculation, and a plethora of the Woulda, Coulda, Shouldas detailing a better way, a better solution.  Social media outlets are bursting at the seams with “better” solutions’ than those being proposed by the current administration.

Everyone has their opinion.

I was reading “The Book of Virtues”, written by former Secretary of Education William Bennett and found this excellent poem.

The Question

-Author Unknown

Were the whole world good as you – not an atom better –
    Were it just as pure and true,
    Just as strong in faith and works;
    Just as free from crafty quirks;
    All extortion, all deceit;
    Schemes its neighbors to defeat;
    Schemes its neighbors to defraud;
    Schemes some culprit to applaud –
Would this world be better?
If the whole world followed you – followed to the letter-
    Would it be a nobler world,
    All deceit and falsehood hurled
    From it altogether;
    Malice, selfishness, and lust,
    Banished from beneath the crust,
    Covering human hearts from view
    Tell me, if it followed you,
Would the world be better?

With this poem in mind, I now challenge you about your criticism  not only of President Trump, The Congress, but of all the decisions made that you find unpopular.  I challenge you to think hard before you cast that first stone!!
That’s the way I see it.