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A movie critic I am not.  Produce a movie, entertain me, take my mind off of my daily routine for an hour or so, I’m happy.  You see, I don’t try to over analyze plot development and all the other BS a real movie critic likes to analyze. Me; was I entertained?

Last week my wife and I saw “Patriots Day”, Mark Wahlberg’s depiction of the 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon.  Don’t ask me if it’s worthy of awards or special acclaim. I’m not qualified to give an answer. I do now this, Mark Wahlberg understands his home town and its pride!!

Did the movie capture the essence of the story? Indeed it did, while judiciously using a little bit of poetic and journalistic license.  Did the movie capture the spirit of Boston and neighboring communities? Absolutely!!patriots-day

Patriots’ Day, April 19th, commemorates the Battle at Lexington and Concord during our Revolutionary War. It is the infamous day when “The Shot Heard Around The World” was fired. April 19th starting the Revolutionary War. Today it is a state holiday in Massachusetts, it is also the traditional date of the running of the Boston Marathon.

In 2013 two brothers of foreign descent thought that bombing of the Boston Marathon was an appropriate way to make a political statement. In fact, it was act of terrorism against our great nation.  It was a 21st Century version of “The Shot Heard Around The World”. How interesting that these two brothers picked PATRIOTS’ DAY to terrorize their adopted community. They did not realize the closeness of the bond between Boston and the neighboring communities. Bad choice boys, wrong day, and wrong city.

I enjoyed the movie.  It brought back memories of my youth, fond memories.  It brought back memories of hiking the Isaac Davis Trail as a Boy Scout.  It brought back memories of listening to the Boston Red Sox playing a double header on Patriots Day. It was a day when fans could attend the first game, hustle a few blocks away to see the finish of the Boston Marathon and then make it back to Fenway for game 2.

The movie also brought back pain and agony. It brought back memories of other acts of terrorism, especially the February 26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and again the complete destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

boston-strongThank you Mark Wahlberg for making the movie.  You restored my pride to be an American and you reminded me of my home in a small town in Massachusetts, a place I left in 1978 to chase the American Dream. That dream is still alive in spite of the divisions in our communities as we enter a new era with a new president.

This may not be a movie for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

God Bless America.


That’s the way I see it.