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Oh Baby, I’m headed for trouble with this post!!

Alternative Facts, that’s an interesting moniker.  It sure has been getting a lot of air time (print media as well) the past couple of days. Some wordsmith, aka spin-doctor was working overtime to craft that little gem.

Now allow me to run down a slippery slope about that phrase.  First let me establish my ground rules and my understanding.  Remember these are MY ground rules.

Facts are rather interesting. In some cases people refer to “Hard Facts”.  I believe these to be immutable and undeniable pieces of information.  Things we collectively deem as “The Truth”.

Fact, George Washington was the 1st President of the United States of America.  Do I have any takers to dispute this information, this truth?

Fact.  The Wright Brothers were the first in powered flight. For many that is deemed the truth, thus a FACT.  There is other information that may dispute this common knowledge. Ask a Brasilian (no spell checking please, I prefer to use the native spelling of the word) and the response will be Santo Dumont.  Which of these two answers is FACT? Which of these two responses in the TRUTH?

Ah, the water gets a bit murky.

Try this little social experiment.

Put two people in a room.  Give them a couple of minutes to look around the room and then leave and write down in as much detail as possible everything that they saw.

Don’t be surprised when the lists differ.  Does it mean that one is FACT while the other is Fiction (read  A Lie)? No, it only means that one person saw different things, perhaps from a different perspective than his counterpart.  Both lists represent the TRUTH, as witnessed by the author.

Wait a minute, two different lists, and both the truth?  Are these then Alternative Facts?  Oh the water indeed is getting murky!!!

It is imperative that you understand and accept my position. I am not saying that either side, pro-Trump or anti-Trump, is right or wrong in their assessment about the size of the audience at the Inauguration.  I am suggesting that we are dealing in numbers that cannot be verified. I am suggesting that each group is using a different metric to measure (guess) the exact amount. I am openly stating that people are arguing about the number of Angels that can dance on the head of a pin. I am stating that indeed there are “Alternative Facts” in this matter (the number of people witnessing the inauguration).

Don’t misunderstand my statement. I am not a proponent of “Alternative Facts”.  It is not a phrase I would use or support globally.  In my humble opinion two different camps are trying to justify their position with imperfect and truly unmeasurable/unverifiable data.

Who gives a rat’s ass about the number of people who attended the inauguration?  There are far more important issues facing our nation.

That’s the way I see it.