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Once again I am compelled to pen a few words about our current political environment.  I’ve never seen such divisiveness in my life.  Just a touch of context, while I may not remember him, Eisenhower was the President in my youth.

The divisiveness is present on all forms of Social Media, at times reducing it to a form of Anti-Social Media. It’s present in the newspapers, with news reporters that deliver the hard news as well as the soft news folks on the “magazine” type shows (“Today” as an example).  The “Talking Heads” on cable TV rant about THEIR opinions, and yes the man on the street joins the fray as well.

I praise all of you for having an opinion and for expressing it.  It is proof that American politics is alive, maybe not well, but alive.

What I find disturbing is the people that exercise their “POWER” by De-Friending someone on Social Media.  Sarcastic and demeaning comments tossed about like confetti at a celebration.  I find it upsetting that people politicize most everything.

I recently posted on Facebook that after much prayer and consideration that I have decided not to attend the inauguration of Donald Trump.  Some of the feedback was comical yet other was spiteful.  The spite wasn’t directed at me, it was against both the Republican and the Democratic Parties.  It was fear and concern about the oncoming train at the end of the tunnel, however no one is certain that the train has even left the station.

Our forefathers created a government with checks and balances. A government that prevents any one individual to have excessive power. One that allows you and I a role in the process.  Let the process work, at least let the train start its mighty engine before you scream foul.  Allow our elected officials the opportunity to perform the duty they were elected to do.

No one has to like everything that takes place in Washington.  No “side” is ever going to be 100% happy, if “side” is defined by political party.  Who are you fighting for, your “SIDE” or for what is good, best, and right for our nation?

We, that is all of us, have an opportunity to help make our great nation STRONGER.  It won’t happen if we continue to draw the battle lines, this time not between the North and the South, but between US and Them.

That’s the way I see it.