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It’s not raining but it is Monday.

The new year has gotten off to a slow start.  In Central Indiana we got pummeled with snow and then a strong dose of the “Polar Vortex”, a deep freeze.  Schools were closed for the better part of a week, local roads were passable, but State highways were terrible at best.  People were shut in their houses for days at a time.

Alas the weather has turned, the vast majority of the +/- foot of snow that fell last week is almost gone.  What remains are the piles at the edge of the road and driveways.  Temps are climbing towards 50 degrees.  Regardless I still have cabin fever and it’s gloomy outside.  Central Indiana is not well know for clear blue sunny skies n the winter.  It’s mostly gray outside.  This sure doesn’t do much for my spirits.Many Hoosiers are also bummed out because of the Indianapolis Colts loss to the vaunted New England Patriots.  Like the gray skies this too will pass.

I am sequestered at home, my vehicle is out of commission, and cabin fever is at an all time high.

There has to be a silver lining in this gloomy Monday.  I just haven’t found it yet.  Please send me some sun shine.

That’s the way I see it.