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I just read a quick article that clearly states that jobless rates in America have gone down.  Gee I have also read about factories cutting personnel, supermarkets closing, and a desire to extend the unemployment benefits for people.

Long ago I remember an hearing an old phrase, “Liars Figure and Figures Lie”.  Could we by some remote chance being fed information that has been scrubbed, twisted, contorted, and lacking true authenticity?  In 2008 I fell out of the ranks of the unemployed as my benefits ran out and no sustainable job was available.  I had already run the course of being underemployed at that time.  I was one of the people that no longer counted in the unemployment figures.

What did I do?  With an old pick up truck and an $85 investment in business cards an signs, I started a business, AC Trash Hauling (www.ACTrashHauling.com) I started a trash hauling business.  I am no ordinary trash man.  I spent 30 years in corporate America managing multi-million dollar construction projects.  When I say “multi” it doesn’t mean 2, it is more like $10 million and above.  My construction management career was founded upon a degree in Structural Engineering from a well respected engineering college in Massachusetts.

The ranks of unemployed were starting to grow in June of 2008 and they have continued to grow since.  I have numerous friends and acquaintances that suffered as I did in 2008.  Some of these folks have yet to land firmly on the ground. They too have fallen off of the unemployment charts and no longer qualify as “Unemployed”.

I am angered by reading stories that in my opinion have manipulated the numbers, rationalized the results, contorted the facts, and potentially espouse a false sense of hope. Come on Washington, were are not the fools you think we are. There are lots of us Baby Boomers that would appreciate the opportunity to ply or skills in corporate America, not clean tables at McDonald’s or welcome folks as they enter the front door of a large retail establishment.  There are far too many people that have been set aside and no longer considered unemployed because of “Liars that Figure and Figures that Lie”


That’s the way I see it.