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I just read a report in the newspaper about the great salary reduction for a set of seasonal workers.  A group of male seasonal workers have had their salaries slashed to $23,000 and layoffs are looming for 50% of the work force by the end of the week.  This story wasn’t on the front page of the newspaper, nor did it make in the network news.  This story was relegated to one of the last pages of the sports section.

Let me fill in the blanks.  It’s playoff time in the NFL.  Players contracts cover them for the regular season, 16 games plus some preseason activity.  During the initial round of the playoffs, players receive a meager  $23,000. That is $23,000 per game.  Some of the elite players are experiencing more than a 90% cut in pay for their efforts.

This should set alarms off all over the country, a meager $23,000 per game.  OK that includes the week of practice and preparation as well.  Credit should be given for experience, yet some of these fellas are 1st year pros.  Sure they have invested long hours of their lives outside of  normal work hours to master their skills and craft.  Yes, they have a short shelf life in their profession.  But $23,000 per game.

I dare not enter the debate on teacher salaries.  Teachers are trained professionals that have dedicated their life to the mastery of their craft don’t come close to the paycheck football players receive.  Heck, in about three weeks time football players surpass teacher salaries.

Give me a break, pro athletes aren’t worth $23,000 a week, even if it is a salary reduction.  We need to get our priorities straight.


That’s the way I see it