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I’ve been sitting at home the past two days with sub-zero temperatures outside.  For some strange reason I start thinking about ice fishing.  Mind you, I have no intentions to follow up on the thoughts, they just popped into my head.

I live near a reservoir.  During the warmer weather there are more boats on the water than you can shake a stick at.  Slowly trolling along the shore are the fishermen in their well equipped boats.  These guys have trolling motors, fish finders, depth charts, GPS, a variety of rods and reels, untold number of lures and live bait and maybe a cold beverage or two.  Methodically they troll the shore line casting their lines and retrieving them in a rhythmic pattern.  They are definitely on the prowl for fish.  This is a very active and mobile sport.

Now to the ice fishermen.  Where we live, the fishermen trod out to the ice, drill a hole or two, drop a line in and sit and wait.  Seldom do you see a shelter or shanty to protect the fishermen.  The fishermen patiently wait for the fish to find their little piece of bait dangling untouched at the bottom of the hole in the ice.  No much activity going on.

Okay, i’ts the same lake, the same fish, and maybe the same fishermen.  One group of fishermen invest large amounts of money to find fish in warm temperatures and the other group sits on a sheet of ice hoping to be found. Guys, come in out of the cold, thaw out and rethink your idea of fun.  I like the idea of sitting by a warm fire, a book in hand, and maybe a glass of bourbon to while away the hours on a cold winter day.


That’s the way I see it.