I’m looking out my office window at fresh fallen snow and clear blue skies.  It looks delightful.  That’s saying a lot from a guy who hates winter.

I live in Noblesville, IN, just north of Indianapolis. This lovely blanket of snow has crippled the area.  There are snow emergencies, travel advisories, and more warnings than you can shake a stick at about the weather conditions.  You see the outside splendor is sporting temperatures of -13 with wind chills that may approach -30 or more.  That is COLD.

Weather warnings were posted all day yesterday.  Snow was falling at a rate of about 1 inch per hour, roads were not plowed.  It was tough sledding out there (no pun intended).  In the midst of all of that my wife was called to work.  She works for a regional grocery chain.  People were backed up in the aisles buying everything in sight.  She told the tale of one woman who bought the last carrot. No not the last bunch of carrots, the last carrot.  She had no intentions of eating the darn thing, it was destined to become the nose on the snowman. From the tales my wife shared, there is no need to go shopping today, as there is nothing left on the shelves.

In spite of the weather, there are still lots of people out roaming the theoretical closed streets.  Stores remain open and some folks are venturing off to work.  I say stay home and read a book.

That’s the way I see it.