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File this under the heading of  “What Gives?”

There is a sidewalk that runs in front of my house.  I have always been of the understanding that it is my responsibility to keep it maintained.  In a different city, I received a special assessment for repairs taht were made to the sidewalk in front of my house.  This adds to the credibility of the belief that I am held accountable for the sidewalk.

Yesterday we had about 5 inches of snow fall.  Being a responsible tax payer, I diligently cleared the sidewalk of snow.  Safe passage was granted to any and all who cared to pass.

Here’s where the rub starts.  My house is on a corner lot, thus the sidewalk ends at the intersecting street.  When the city cleared the intersection of snow they pushed the snow to the side of the road, right on top of the recently cleared sidewalk.  The sidewalk is now blocked at the street.  My efforts to allow safe passage along the sidewalk have been thwarted by the same people that insist that I  must keep the sidewalk passable.

Call me stubborn, but I will not dig through the heavy snow pile deposited by the city in order to keep the sidewalk accessible.  Think about it.  How much more effort would it have taken to push the snow with your heavy truck 10 more feet down the road?  Looks like this portion of the sidewalk will be inaccessible until either the city or mother nature does something about it.  Oh well, I tried to do what was right.

That’s the way I see it.

Snow on the sidewalk

Why would the City do this?