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Don’t ask me why, but I was overcome with the urge to share my thoughts and observations of the world as I see it.

Understand that as I grow older my vision is less acute.  With the aid of trifocals, I see a bit more clearly yet I still maintain a skewed view of the world around me.

This simple blog is for me to share my views and opinions with friends, neighbors, relatives, and any wayward strangers that stumble upon this in the dark.  I make no claims to be be, authoritative, or even politically correct.  I don’t ask anyone to agree with me.  I have no particular agenda to share, no singular cause to support. This blog is dedicated to the world around me and how I see it.

I hope somewhere along my journey you find something that piqued your interest, caused a stirring in the pit of you stomach, or struck some type of chord in your heart. I hope you enjoy The World Through My Eyes.